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Origin and composition of Diamonds

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Diamond is a mineral, a pure crystallized carbon, in its most concentrated form, a natural and crystalline substance. They are created by geological processes of great depth, reaching more than 150 km below, in a region of the earth’s crust known as mantle.

Diamonds are brought close to the surface through volcanic eruptions in magmatic rocks known as kimberlites and lamproites. Diamonds do not crystallize in kimberlite magma as was believed. It only serves as an elevator that transports diamonds to the earth’s surface. It is found in continental environments and rarely in oceanic environments (seabed).

Diamonds are usually found in nature with a shape of two pyramids joined by the base, with 8 faces (octahedral shape). For greater use in size and to get the most out of the beauty of a diamond, there are designers who specialize in cutting it, whose goal is to achieve better refraction (light passage), symmetry and polishing.

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