Jewelry design

Jewelry design and choice of gold color to be used

It all starts with white paper and the overlapping of the precious stones arranged on it … beginning the realization of the design of your dream jewel …

In the past, the jeweler spent his days developing special pieces for queens and kings and was prevented from making identical pieces or developing any other artifacts outside the palace walls. Which made the pieces created even more important and unique, with an inestimable value for its owner who owned a rare piece, adorned with precious stones.

After World War II, jewelry buyers’ thinking began to change completely. Those who bought these gems, not only bought the pieces at a price, but also thought about them as an investment, because now what really mattered was the rarity and the faceted details of the gems, and it was from that time on that the jewel designers started to look for new ways and new ways to express your ideas, searching more and more for new materials, new concepts and new designs, in order to make the eyes of consumers and worshipers of the jewel universe shine.

Currently the creation of jewelry is quite different from what it was in the past, we have several professionals involved: designer, 3d designer, lapidary, modelist, setter and polisher.

Nowadays we use technology to our advantage so that the jewel of your dreams is ready in the shortest possible time, with the greatest precision of details and reduced costs. There are several computer programs that assist in the design of jewelry in 3D, with these programs, the customer can view and analyze their jewelry before final approval. In the programs used, the stone (s) to be used is scanned and added to the requested model, so the visualization is very real.

In these computer programs, the jewels can be simulated with the stones digitized on the computer, so that the jewels are visualized before the customer’s approval.

After seeing the simulation of the jewel and being happy and satisfied with the result, the model is sent to print on a 3D printer (we will receive a wax stencil for gold or platinum casting).

 We will transfer the model of the jewels we receive from the 3D Designer to the factory, where it will be subjected to rigorous casting by a diamond specialist who handle it manually. (This phase is especially important, because if the model is not perfect, the professional worker will not be able to polish the entire jewel. This will result in a low quality and will not accept our quality standards.

After the diamond (or precious stone) is set in the jewels, they return to the last polish, a process called “finishing” and from there to the “ultrasonic” washing device.

Only after all these tiny steps, the jewel of your dreams ready for delivery!

There is no substitute for the smile of a woman who opens the jewel box and her satisfaction and pleasure with the sparkle of the diamond!

It is particularly important to note that gold is a soft and fragile metal and jewelry is a very delicate item. Jewelry should be kept and even taken to the jeweler from time to time for cleaning and treatment.

“Diamonds are eternal and gold never ages”

IMPORTANT: Every woman likes a different gold color, so it is advisable to choose the color of gold according to the woman’s jewelry box. Most women like their favorite color (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold) and are not subject to change; therefore, a woman who has all her jewelry in yellow gold, the color we advise to be chosen would be yellow gold.

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Jewelry design

Jewelry design and choice of gold color to be used It all starts with white paper and the overlapping of the precious stones arranged on

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