How to choose the best jewelry for the special occasions?

A jewel should be chosen according to the style and personality of the one who will wear it. The occasion must also be considered. For example, a discreet and classic-style person certainly has different preferences than an extrovert and a more striking look.

White or yellow gold? Colored stones or neutral tones? Organic shapes or geometric design? In the midst of so many options, pay attention to some details: golden tones usually receive more highlights in brunettes, while silver is more versatile, being more sophisticated with stones and textures; diamonds match all styles; the rounded shapes are very feminine; and straight lines convey modernity. Know what to consider when choosing the ideal piece.

For the more modern, women who love art, fashion, and design, usually identify themselves with jewelry of graphic shapes, straight lines and referring to the modern style, with dramatic appeal and with a fashion touch.

For the most romantic, organic, and rounded shapes with feminine details are part of the style of this woman profile, which also identifies itself with jewelry made of colored stones of retro design and full of meaning.

For the most delicate, fluid line jewelry is perfect for contemporary women who follow trends. White gold with colorless stones, together with the light design, combine with those who have a soft style.

For the most dynamic, valuable stones, traditional shapes, and classic lines, combine with everything, especially with the dynamic woman, who has no time to lose and looks for practicality and beauty, both in looks and jewelry.

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