Personal Design from A to Z

“There are diamonds of various shapes and sizes and the price varies accordingly,” explains the diamond expert Tomer Baruch, owner of the Aria diamond and jewelry store. “For example, among the diamonds we offer in the store there are different shapes: round, drop, oval, marquise, etc. Each one professionally chosen and all with gemological certificates from the American Institute GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Each customer receives a personal and focused process in a one-to-one private meeting, on which he gets a detailed explanation of all the options available to him, both in terms of the budget at and in terms of supply. “

Once the desired stone is selected from a large selection of stones, sizes and shapes, the ring’s personal design process will begin. Each design will start with a unique idea that will be translated into sketch drawing and visualization in 3D software. The software allows the customer to accurately see from any angle how the ring will look like after the execution, which helps him to make an informed and visual decision that does not rely only on imagination. “The next steps are to prepare a stencil on a 3D printer, casting and then moving on to the cleaning, polishing, manual processing, preparation for the stone inlay,” explains Tomer. “Each engagement ring is unique and specially tailored to the customer’s request and as such it receives careful and accurate treatment according to all accepted rules and procedures.”

In addition, you can choose ready-made rings displayed in the gallery, all in fashionable and professional arrangements.

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Personal Design from A to Z

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