Aria – Crafting Your Dreams into Jewelry

Tucked away in a historic building at the heart of Jerusalem, you will find Aria: an extraordinary gallery of high-end jewelry design specializing in diamonds, precious stones, and gold. Aria Diamonds and Jewelry was established in 2015 by gemologist, diamond manufacturer and dealer Tommy Baruch. Tommy has been cutting and selling diamonds at Israel’s Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, one of the world’s leading Diamonds Burse, for 17 years. His diamonds are bought by top dealers in the USA, who distribute them to some of the greatest jewelers in the world.

Aria is Tommy’s labor of love: a high-standard concept gallery offering high-end, affordable jewelry that designed and crafted by Israeli designers and jewelers at Aria workshop.

He concentrates all the skills he has mastered throughout his years of experience: designing spectacular jewelry, selecting the stones, setting, polishing and finishing to perfection. Each piece at Aria is his creation, from rough stone to sparkling final product.

Tommy developed this business model as a response to a growing demand for customized diamond jewelry. Throughout his years of experience, Tommy noted that his clients prefer to choose their own diamonds, and request rings, earrings, and bracelets designed specially to match their unique taste and style.

For this reason, alongside his impressive display of exquisite, pre-designed jewelry, Tommy and his team of talented and creative designers create personalized pieces for customers. They encourage clients to bring photographs of pieces they like, and, working with photographs and sketches, create a blueprint for the piece of each client’s dreams.

Tommy personally selects the perfect diamond or color stone, working within each client’s specific budget. Since he cuts the stones and manufacture the jewelry at Aria workshop, he can guarantee the best prices available. All stones sold at Aria have gemological certification GIA and all jewelry have undergone stringent quality control.

Aria warmly invite you to book an appointment at the showroom located under historic building in the heart of jerusalem “Rechavia”.

away from the busy streets and crouded malls, with privet parking and personal attention treated to a luxurious experience. you will get all the information you need and be involved in building your unique  jewelry, in highest standards which will accompny you shine for many years to come.

Even after you finish your purchase, you get Aria’s commitment to escort you at all the time for any questions and care for your jewelry.

To book an appointment: 02-500-4450.

Stop dreaming and start creating reality at Aria.

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