All the sparkle – Diamonds, gems, and gold

In the heart of Jerusalem, in the Rehavia neighborhood, a unique gallery was opened for diamonds, diamond jewels, gems, gold and art.

Aria Diamonds and Jewelry was launched by Tomer Baruch, a diamond dealer from Israel’s diamond exchange at Ramat Gan, the world’s largest diamond and gemstone trade center.

Tomer has been manufacturing fine diamonds for export for the last 16 years for the world’s leading jewelry companies and dealers.

During his many years in the industry, he specialized in the design and manufacture of Israeli handmade jewels, combining the design of the model, through the selection of stones, polishing, embedding and to create the perfect jewels for the client.

In the light of the high demand for personalized jewelry accompanied by a diamond and a reliable and experienced jeweler who has accompanied the client over the years in the construction of the personal jewelry collection, Tomer opened the gallery in a spectacular Jerusalem preservation building that gives customers a luxury shopping experience away from the bustling and noisy shopping centers. You can be impressed, get a brief lesson on the choice of stones, jewelry design and, finally, buy a unique and high-quality jewelry that will accompany the customer for many years.

Tomer chooses the diamonds and the precious stones in the jewels, ensuring that the buyer gets the best final jewel according to the budget that has been set and at prices much lower than the market, thanks to the savings in the brokerage gaps in the purchase directly from the manufacturer of stones and jewels.

It is also possible to update your personal diamonds at any time to purchase a bigger one or to change the design without the loss of stones according to contemporary fashion.

For all the precious stones included in the gemological certificates and under strict quality control with responsibility over the years, Aria has a variety of design styles for all ages, including rings, style sets and bridal items with an exceptional commitment and a significantly lower cost in the direct purchase in the exchange of diamonds, in addition to the designers’ ready to purchase jewelry. 

For customers, Aria sells jewelry from designers known as Yossi Harari, Boaz Landman and Dana Arish, who will design for each client the jewelry she dreamed for the design of her choice.

We invite you to organize a personal and pleasant meeting in the gallery to be impressed with the selection of jewels and a special shopping experience, even after buying the jewels, the “Aria” team will continue to accompany you in handling the jewels with the Cleaning and shine.

To schedule a meeting at Aria, call: 02-5004450

Private parking for customers.

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