In the heart of Jerusalem, at Rehavia neighborhood, in an exclusive and special Preservation Building, ARIA diamonds and jewelry is located. A distinguished gallery of high end Design diamonds, precious stones and gold jewelry.

ARIA diamonds and jewelry was built in 2015, by the innate gemologist and businessman Tomer Baruch, who is a diamond dealer in the Israeli’s Diamonds Exchange (in Ramat Gan), the biggest and leading diamonds and precious stone exchange district in the world.

For more than 16 years, Tomer Baruch has been spending all of his time studying and improving his knowledge about gemology, diamonds and precious stones, working for some of the most trustable companies in this business and with his perfectionist character, he has mastered his skills in all processes of  the creation of a new concept of jewelry. From the selection of the stones, design, polishing and setting of the jewelry, all done by the most talented Israeli craftsmanship, he conquered the status of the professional who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection.

In the last years, Tomer Baruch realized that the demand for specially designed diamonds jewelry was constantly growing. The clients would prefer to choose their own diamonds, rings, earrings and bracelets, making their personalized desires became true and all of this being accompanied by a trustable and experienced professional who would help them to make it happen, so ARIA was created, as a high standards concept gallery, where each client will have an exceptional treatment from a specialist and with the help of one of our jewelry designers, will be able to design their dreams’ jewelry.

We invite you to book a personal and intimate appointment at Aria’s showroom and feel a special and luxurious experience, with private care and away from the busy streets and crowded shopping malls. Here you will get tips and information about diamonds, precious stones, jewelry design and in the end purchase unique jewelry, in the highest standards which will accompany you and make you shine for many years to come.

Even after you finish your purchase, you get Aria’s commitment to escort you at all the time for any questions and care for your jewelry.

To book an appointment, please call: 02-5004450

Private parking for our customers.

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