Yossi Harari

Yossi Harari is the master of timeless jewelry – effortlessly melding exotic and modern,

whimsical and chic. With an atelier in Istanbul and a gallery in Tel Aviv, his design process is

fully informed by the spectacular architecture and landscape of both cities. Honing his craft in

the rich hue of 24-karat yellow gold, Yossi Harari jewelry now includes a versatile range of

metals, gemstones and finishes. Designed to be worn layered, with a sense of easy luxury, each

piece is in fact made by hand – each clasp, each bead, each bezel – entirely without the use of

molds or castings. This human touch instills the feeling of history inherent in every piece.




– Born in Israel and raised in both Israel and Turkey, he grew up surrounded by beautiful objects

and ancient artifacts that inspired him from an early age

– Designed his first piece of jewelry at 11 years old

– Received formal training and degrees in Gemology and Jewelry Design from GIA (Los

Angeles) and in History of Arts from Tel Aviv University

– Opened first atelier in Istanbul in 1992

– Opened first gallery in Tel Aviv in 1998

– Discovered by MUSE founder Jennifer Shanker in 1999 while she was searching for wedding

rings in Israel with her soon-to- be husband.




“My jewelry is a contrast between the old and the new. Although I am inspired by archeological

jewels of the past, I have a modern, bold interpretation of classic designs.”

“I design for the modern woman – the woman on the go, who wants to be comfortable yet sexy,

exotic yet modern, fashionable yet possessing her own sense of style.”




– Many pieces in the collection are made in pure 24-karat gold, but the collection also uses 18k

gold and “gilver”, a combination of silver and gold that is then oxidized

– The absolute purity of 24k gold means that people who have adverse reactions to traditional

gold alloys, even high-karat alloys, will be able to finally wear gold without discomfort

– Completely handcrafted using ancient gold-smithing techniques rarely used today

– The 24k gold will never tarnish or discolor, but it will develop a ‘‘personal’’ burnished patina

over time

– Meant to be layered, the collection is extremely versatile and elegantly laid back


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Yossi Harari